Bima Arka Nusantara established in 1999 as a school-focused for customized furniture vendor. As time goes by, our products and services has been expanded and developed to other furniture needs in the market. Since 2006, we also provide customized furniture order for residential needs (home, apartment, etc) and commercial needs (office, showroom, store display, etc).

As we advance the innovation, design, and technology to provide furniture market needs, we have high quality customized design products to offer.

We started our business in school furniture, which is our specialty to build convenient learning ambience by providing well-designed, heavy duty and high quality products.

Residential and commercial needs.

We understand your dream to have comfortable interior atmosphere in your residence or workplace, and we here to realize it. We provide the latest design and eco-friendly material (zero emission) products to create healthy and cozy environment.

who we are

We are passionate and specialized in furniture, interior design and we are aiming a satisfaction results!

what we do

Plan, Customize, Create, and Develop any kind of furniture based on people preferances.

why we do

The excitement! We love working with passionate people, enabling us to create great products & exciting things.